Varieties of Cordyceps Sinensis

The Winter Worm and Summer Grass Varieties

Certain varieties of Cordyceps grow parasitically on the caterpillars of particular moths. Some species of Cordyceps are called “winter worm” (these mushrooms grow on a caterpillar, after killing it and filling it with mycelium) and “summer grass”. These endangered mushrooms only occurs in the high mountains (the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau) in southwestern China and Tibet. Fortunately, the mycelia of Cordyceps sinensis can also be grown domestically, using a substrate such as rice.

Researchers have found that the mycelia of domestic Cordyceps sinensis varieties contain the same pharmacological components and medicinal properties as the original, wild Cordyceps. This also applies to (domestic) mycelia of Cordyceps militaris.

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The Healing power of Cordyceps sinensis

Cordyceps sinensis can help people with fatigue syndrome

Cordyceps sinensis is seen as a very precious medicinal mushroom in China and other Asian countries. For over 2000 years, Cordyceps sinensis has been used as a tonic, to increase health and vitality, combat aging and prevent various (age-related) diseases. Cordyceps sinensis is used in traditional Chinese medicine to benefit the working of the kidney and lung meridians.

The strengthening of these meridians is said to strengthen the body, making it resilliant against fatigue, night sweats, lower back-pain, decreased libido, impotence, hyperglycemia, severe exhaustion, respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease and even liver diseases. Cordyceps sinensis has been used medicinally in China for over 2000 years, but has only officially been classified as a medicine in Chinese medicine since 1964.

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Ashley Chen
High quality and authentic cordyceps from Bhutan! Research has shown that cordyceps have many great health benefits such as alleviating cough, respiratory issues, anaemia, high cholesterol, chronic pain, etc

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Cordyceps Sinensis and Health

The risk of cognitive decline and dementia increases with age. Researchers have found a significant increase in the activity of antioxidant enzymes (glutathione peroxidase, superoxidedismutase, catalase), whose activity was decreased by the aging process. The (ultra) structure of the hippocampus, a brain area in which degenerative changes had occurred, increased strongly by supplementation with Cordyceps.

The research suggests that Cordyceps sinensis helps keep the brains healthy with age, both structurally and functionally, partly by improving the antioxidant status....

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sexuality and fertility

Cordyceps Sinensis and sexuality and fertility

Cordyceps sinensis is known as an aphrodisiac, which increases the libido in both men and women. This is especially considered to be the case with those people above… a certain age. This is partly because Cordyceps sinensis enhances the biosynthesis of steroid hormones (such as cortisol, testosterone and estrogen)...

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Cordyceps Sinensis and cardiovascular health

Cordyceps Sinensis and cardiovascular health

Cordyceps sinensis has several components that help explain why the medicinal mushroom is so good for the heart and blood vessels. Cordyceps supports a regular heart rhythm, lowers cholesterol, inhibits the clotting of platelets, has an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect and improves blood flow to the heart muscles...

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Cordyceps Sinensis Broth Recipe

a super healthy tonic!

The following broth can be made using Cordyceps sinensis. It is a real health tonic!

Ingredients: Cordyceps sinensis, Chinese Yam, Red Medeberry (or goji berries), Lotus seed, Longan pulp, Dried orange peel, Sand root Ginseng, Jade bamboo

Add the mix to chickensoup broth. Boil the ingredients together for at least 2 or 3 hours. Enjoy!

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